Holy City

The cross campaign, more than one year of launched, entered a franco dead process. In December of that year, in their search for food, they conquered the city of Ma ma’arrat al – Numan after a siege in which came to produce cases of cannibalism among Crusaders. Being so scarce food, directed their IRAs to the settlers, which was savagely killed. This situation very soon became unbearable. The Knights of lower rank, who were the majority, were impacientando and threatened to continue alone toward Jerusalem, leaving behind their leaders and their internal disputes. Finally, at the beginning of 1099, renewed the March towards the Holy City, leaving bohemond behind as the new Prince of the city. From Antioch, the Crusaders marched as towards Jerusalem, which was disputed between the Fatimids of Egypt and Turks of Syria, conquering some places more along the way.

In June 1099, finally, they besieged the capital, which fell into the hands of the Crusaders on July 15, 1099, unsuspected thanks to Genoese troops led by Guillermo Embriaco, had been directed to the Holy land on a private expedition. The capture of Jerusalem ended with one of the most appalling massacres that will remember. Fanaticism, or convinced naive to fulfil a duty killing others, He did not respect women, children, elderly, and even Christians who inhabited the city. One of the men who participated in the massacre, Raimundo de Aguilers, Canon of Puy, left a description for posterity that speaks for itself: wonderful spectacles shoulders our sight. Some of us, the most pious, cut the heads of Muslims; others made them white of their arrows; others went further and dragged them to the bonfires. In the streets and squares of Jerusalem they did not see more than piles of heads, hands and feet. Spilled so much blood in the mosque built on the Temple of Solomon, that the corpses floated in it and in many places the blood we came up to the knee.