Guinness Book

We offer a look at the funniest jokes-sheet on our website. A large collection of jokes is located in Tin. Section is constantly updated with new tin-jokes on various topics Internet are especially popular materials on how to freaks cripple themselves only in order to establish another record sheet. Material on how Russians have sprouted in the light the Christmas tree was, indeed, tin the day! In material "Tin! The man-unicorn. MJFF may find this interesting as well. Nervous NOT SEE! "We are talking about a man who is tormented by a terrible and rare disease – on his head grow a horn. Impressionable, this sheet is not recommended for viewing. Tin-joke about the nurse from the Scottish city of Edinburgh have made to the Guinness Book of Records, because the body and the woman's face was punctured in 462 locations.

World record holder for number of piercings can boast of 6005, "iron things." Friday's tin-joke – it's a funny video dancer, who did not interfere. Funny ads, funny anecdotes, letters from the forums, stupid advice and instruction sheet gives the reader an opportunity to really relax. Childish pictures are for viewing a strong spirit of people. These pictures are usually brutally illustrated and cause a violent reaction in normal, mentally healthy people. Placed on the Internet and stupid mentally retarded people, childish pictures are not recommended for viewing pregnant women and children. Not children photos are also available on the website of "Quote." Laying out pictures, we encourage you to initially its readers with weak nerves do not watch them.

The article "Tin! Dead Living Dolls. Childish pictures! "Posted pictures of our scary dolls that are not countries that have successfully produced and sold around the world for nearly 10 years. These strange infernal pupsiki quite original, and cause others sometimes very conflicting emotions. We can only guess what the maniac that invention came in head? .. And what a moronic childish posted these photos on the Internet? .. Their view is a state of shock, especially in children. Childish pictures also do not want to look for older people and pensioners.