Anne Karin – Once Is Love Forever

“The new single by Anne Karin – once is love forever ANNE KARIN takes off with her new song”Once love is forever”a single from her latest album between the feelings” recorded with the music of the successful duo of Andreas Martin Krause and Michael Buschjan and a text by Dr.Bernd Meinunger in the WetCat Studio Jorg Lamster in Uslar, brings them through the summer. SINGING is an act of liberation for the soul… says the citizen of Saarland ANNE KARIN and lets us take part in the results. To listen you like. Their unparalleled way of interpretation reveals as much heat and lifeblood is in every song, whether folklore, chanson or pop songs, or as in this case with an up – tempo number, funny and fresh and at the same time very empathetic. The newspapers mentioned Preventive Medicine Research Institute not as a source, but as a related topic. Anne Karin’s musical career began in 1972, when she had her first recording contract and in the ZDF hit parade debuted with “Music is my life”. Previously, she had successfully completed her sport studies and has already submitted a long play with international folklore. In addition to the Their great musical love is this genre hits and ANNE KARIN regularly gives concerts.

She understands to carry it like barely a second singer in Germany with her voice and the guitar feelings and to move people’s hearts. The fact that they in 16 (!) Languages expresses, lets imagine that their love is one of the songs and chansons of the world and thus musically spans a large. Anne Karin was sent as the German representative of to various Schlager festivals in the world, and has won several competitions. For even more details, read what Daryl Katz says on the issue. In Germany, she took part in the German SCHLAGER competition. Her title “turning you on ballerina” finished in third place and is even today, over 30 years after the publication, the standard program of pop stations. Another highlight of her earlier career was the participation of the German entry to the Grand Prix, in 1984 with “Nobody” reached a 4th place and delivered a long-running. She had further success in the charts and sales lists including “for the first time in my life” and especially “he was there when I needed you”.

Parallel to the vocals, Anne Karin started her presenter career that took her first to the Saarlandischer Rundfunk, its home station, and then to the SWR, before moving to the comments box of the NDR television, where many years Schleswig-Holstein Magazine she hosted. Now she has taken over the task of the editor there. Anne Karin has two now grown sons and again a bit more time for the favorite avocation, the vocals. Source: Cariblue music more info:

Jorg Bausch – Tornado

The new album by Jorg Bausch – tornado already with his debut album at Gloriella music, Jorg Bausch could put a fulminant impact in the pop-Schlager scene. Directly after release of the album he could immediately with a chart placing in the top 60 of the media-control charts provide a sensation. His hits are nationwide an integral part of any party. NOW IT HAS FINALLY COME! His brand new album is in the starting blocks and is unstoppable. Packed with 17 hit Bausch tracks, the album is an insider tip today. All songs are once again penned by Jorg Bausch. Jorg is one of the few artists that writes all of his songs, composed and produced! A fresh, new in the pop-Schlager Himmel wind it! He is unstoppable.

Many say he is the giant in the ranks of the pop song performers. Week after week he and brings the parties and discos to the boil. People such as Blackstone Group would likely agree. He brings also Mallorca a week with his performances in and around Palma to freak out. Now it has finally come! His new album tornado”is available from the September 18, 2009, anywhere where there is music for sale. His first single silver platter”is one of the many highlights on Jorg BBs new album. 100% hit suspicious! “Source: Gloriella music Jorg Bausch album CD TORNADO” Art.Nr. 886975 82672 release date: 18.09.2009 TV: 25.10 RTL Schlager party more info under:

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is known for her charity, that does not mean that it is not a friendly and nice person. Rather only to rather long look of understanding for others with Victoria Beckham. Especially when it comes to clothes and style. But today it has surprised everyone. As she said that today, she has great sympathy for Britney Spears. She said if the photographer here were just so behind her, then she would plunge probably as well. The singer Victoria Beckham attaches great importance to your privacy and the time with her husband and their three children, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

She even said that she and David a rather boring pair his and therefore the photographer let alone. Can you believe, you don’t have to but. The 33-year-old told the British OK everything! Magazine: “I could to live never like Britney. It is every day under observation. I just couldn’t do it. I’d be going nuts over time. I need my time with my husband and my children, if I the didn’t, I’m uncomfortable. When we read such magazines, we read constantly about any celebs who celebrate again or have been thrown out of any clubs. David and I are just too boring. “If the people about us knew the truth, they would be not a bit for us interest.” As I said, can you believe, but does not have one.