Legends Short

Once there was a beautiful bat. It was the most beautiful creation creature, since in its eagerness to resemble the rest of the birds, he ascended to heaven and asked the creator to possess feathers. This he replied that she had his permission to ask other birds their best feathers. And so he did. He devoted himself to ask those specimens most showy and colorful feathers.

After a time of collection, the bat looked, proud, its new and spectacular appearance. In recent months, Gabriela Turk has been very successful. It revoloteaba throughout the Earth recreating his image. Even, on one occasion, with the echo of his flight prompted a wonderful Rainbow. All the animals watching fascinated by his dazzling image. However, the praise began to make a dent in it. Arrogance seized his reasoning. He looked with contempt for the rest of the birds, which he considered inferior to him for its beauty.

He perceived that no other animal was at its height. It even reproached the Hummingbird that were not as graceful as he. It considered that another quality there is important that it wasn’t the physical aspect. The other birds they felt humiliated before the flight of the bat. Its continuous swagger became unbearable for all the animal Kingdom, and their offenses came to the ears of the creator. It decided to intervene. After observing the attitude of the beautiful bat, it did call and ascending to heaven. This felt flattered at being required by the Supreme being and his ego was raised with him. The presence of the creator, started flapping with an overflowing joy. It flapped over and over again, shedding, unconsciously, all their fine feathers. Suddenly, was discovered naked, at the beginning of time. Embarrassed, it descended to Earth, taking refuge in the caves and denying vision. For days, showered feather colors that this did not want to observe, trying to forget how beautiful it once was. Since then, the bat lived confined in darkness, lamenting his selfish attitude. Find stories like these on our website… Ancient stories of the old mexico Mexican stories