Coming Close To A Girl

You can be with fear for two simple reasons, 1 the face you value excessively the girl and 2 expensive is not valued, only imagines how much this can be bad. Before if approaching to a girl it is of good with you yourselves, is felt automotivado, confident and firm, therefore it believes, the girls has faro refined for this. The other point is on valuing excessively the girls, is not saying to treat them bad, but simply to treat them as to deserve, if it will be intelligent says this it, it does not only fall in the error to place it in a pedestal and to be saying things of the type: you are pretty, you you are excessively, you are wonderful, do not make this. She stops to before create expectations exactly of speaking with the girl, therefore they only confuse you, remember, you cannot foresee what she goes to happen, then do not create expectations. The possibility exists to take not, after all cannot please to all is not same, then in case that it happens, it relaxes and it leaves for the next one, and it has in mind that when one woman says in them is not alone it who loses.