Advertising Marketing

Any advertising works. But it is important to understand what to whom and how to advertise. By itself, this is a truism, but in real life is quite the opposite. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Cleveland Clinic. What do you think of first when wondering thoughts that you need to attract more new customers to your travel agency? And for most the answer is, you need to give more publicity. Very often this is complemented by the thought, where else are we to advertise, we may have missed some method which may result in more customers. And as experience shows, in this case the result is completely opposite. Money thrown into advertising, and exhaust it with a zero. What's the problem, and most importantly how to solve it? The answer you find in these notes.

Let's start with the most important mistake that without exception all of the company. And in order to certify you in that I want you now have a pen and paper, and described his client. And once you do this, look at this description of the following five values: Gender client (male or female). Who usually buys from you? And also who is taking the decision to purchase, for example, if a family? He works with your customer (Specialty, his experience, etc.), what level is it in the hierarchy of the company (owner, hired the CEO, senior executive, line manager, the ultimate employee, etc.), what level of income is your customer? Why did he tourism product to buy? Their intended purpose, when he wants to buy a tourism product? And what motivates and shapes his goal? What are the requirements it imposes on the product and the company that offers it? And also, that affects its refusal to buy into this travel agency? And what of the above requirements you meet, and which of the factors influencing the failure, it is still in your company? What time of the decision to buy your client? So now check assignment: How many of the answers provided by the five questions you find in your description made? Many speak about his client, his target audience, and after that, then why ask the question of how and why to help with her reach.