Taste Bitter Salt

The consumption of this condiment is a thing of every day in any home where seeks good seasoning, but also, abuse of it has proved to be much more common than ever thought. Salt is undoubtedly the most popular condiment of all time, and this is due, which is the oldest condiment of mankind and therefore, prefer your application for different types of food, instead of other more natural and less harmful as olive oil seasoning seasoning for example. However, the damage that salt can bring to your health are extremely severe damage. It is proven by experts, that salt causes problems both cardiac and circulatory. In addition, their consumption contributes to increase fluid retention, which at first glance does not seem so harmful but you should know that facilitates the emergence of other problems such as the dreaded cellulite or the accumulated fat in abdomen and arms.

Excessive consumption of salt, can cause was deregulation the absorption of the same, by which the body does not get the nutrients needed to function properly. net resource. Likewise, salt can reduce kidney function and contribute to diseases such as gastritis or high levels of acidity. Measure your salt intake and avoid lamenting the consequences of all these sufferings. So you will improve your health and that of your family. A. Verastegui hold.