The Truth

The second is that we are ideally looking for cause with an exercise in mental reprogramming, i.e. a change in the automatic way of mind react to deep level. Cancer research is likely to increase your knowledge. In addition to these two ways of acting, hypnosis and visualization exercises can influence different areas of the human mind as the main point of his influence. Broadly speaking we can say that can affect firstly in behaviours, emotions or thoughts and depending on which of these three elements affect first they will have different influence on the other two aspects. As you can see, understand the dynamics of these exercises is much more complicated than what the vast majority of self-improvement books assume: think positive and already. The truth is that not everyone has true knowledge about these techniques that seem to be very simple and manageable for everyone. Explaining it in simple terms, the reason why happens that that personal safety is lost in suddenly is usually (although not the only possibility) that the person has been practicing feel safe or autoconvenciendo of feel safe, but has not done so properly, so what he has actually done is to create a defensive structure of thoughts or emotions that actually hide their insecurity, but the exercise has no potential to resolve that insecurity that was hidden.

Therefore suffice to face certain life circumstances or put into certain mental state insecurity to return. And the worst thing of the matter is Yes it is possible that returning the person to feel more helpless than before and aren’t convinced that the Fund is a totally insecure person affecting their self-esteem, their self-concept and generating even more insecurity or making it more difficult to overcome. As regards the level of depth of hypnotic trance necessary to bring about real change, both hypnosis and visualization and meditation, it is essential to learn to focus in a manner deep. It is not possible to make clear the idea that deep imply through words, be doing the exercises until you feel that level of consciousness is required, and in fact this is one of the most important parts and the design of an exercise, that the instructions are adequate to go allowing the participant that his mind learn to concentrate more and more as more practical visualizationHypnosis or meditation. To give an idea of how lives that level, is a mental state in which rational trials not already guide our conclusions, but that we can follow a line of thoughts based on our feelings and emotions. It’s like when we say late me that it will happen and there is no logical reason to suppose that event. The feeling within the trance is similar, what matters is the emotion, not the thought.

Is not thought to stop functioning, or to stop being important, but or guide to the mind at the time of trance are sensations caused by our own mental voice or who guide the exercise of visualization, hypnosis or meditation. Exercises created properly do not generate defenses that hide the problem to solve, but rather they are transformed through sensations deep processes of the mind beyond the level of conscious rational thought with which we operate every day. Therein lies the stunning power of mental suggestion. Original author and source of the article.