Welcome To 2013 In A Stylish Frame

Restaurant Shabby Chic informs the end from Dusseldorf a year is always something special. On the one hand you look back on the past year and on the other hand you make plans for the coming year. In any case, the new year is one of the events that justify a special celebration. It has restaurant Shabby Chic from Dusseldorf something great come up and invites you to welcome seven course menu at a fancy new year. Culinary delights restaurant the Shabby Chic guests offers everything a stylish line requires in the year 2013. The exclusive celebration begins at 19:00 and starts Rose with a champagne as an aperitif. Culinary delights the guests some can look forward. With a perfectly assembled seven courses of the evening leaves no wish unfulfilled menu.

Fish is catered for every taste meat. Newcastle University often says this. In the first comes confierte scallop, roasted Octopus with Black salsify, white Gin and Tomatenshot on the plate. A successful Start, followed by a tender venison in the Morchelcrepe in the second round. Other goodies are a consomme of the barbarie duck. The lobster with tranches of the trout fillets and artichoke hearts cheese fondue and a three of veal with smoked chili and potato cakes, veal with Rosemary and star anise, Kalbsbackchenragout with truffles and Sweetbreads in thyme honey dipped it so at its best served. No menu without a sweet delicacy. Therefore the Black Forest cake of ala shabby completes the culinary journey. For a perfect reproduction, there is a fine wine list.

OLAF of the Wyno creates atmosphere. The year 2013 may occur. For detailed information the restaurant shabby is chic in Dusseldorf anytime available. Press contact Shabby Chic contact person: Mr.