Cuban Partner

Why do we dance? I want to move, I want to listen to music that ignites, pushes for a dance. Salsa music, it is this: "acute", rhythmic, interesting, dancing, teasing … When playing the Cuban melody salsa at a party at a cafe or on the street is not possible to sit still. From the first sounds of feet do start to beat the rhythm and the hip do the rotational movement. Eyes to choose her partner and "go into battle" – dance Doubles Cuban dance – Salsa. And when you see the same passion in the eyes of the gentleman, you feel his "desire ottantsevat" partner, you feel masculine and maintain contact in a pair, then the head leaving a feeling of merging with a partner, music and dance. Of course, then the whole world stops for you to exist on the entire stretch of the dance tunes.

And you want it to last forever … But on the dance field is not taken "hold" for a long time partner. Glad, give dance another. Therefore, the next step will be waiting for the dancing tunes to your taste, finding a partner and a free invitation to his new dance. Again, if you can find each other in a dance, you can get great pleasure, like "dance orgasm" on the floor. Zamette that the storm of emotions you do not have to be strong, handsome young man.

You just have to love dance, love salsa, to be able to infect these and share their emotions with partneram.Konechno, all of the above it would be nice to be able to dance well. And do not think, please, that you can dance salsa, just at parties. Not at all! There are open event, dancing in the street during the day, yes anywhere! The situation may be very different! If you are looking salsa video, you notice that sometimes people's Cuban festivals and dances in the street look and feel much more fervent, and incendiary than professional salsa competition. Let's have fun with us, let's dance salsa!

Master Of Puppets

Again, no Emo is not seen … Bullet for My Valentine Bullet For My Valentine – Group of Bridgenda, England. Idols of the future stars were Metallica and Nirvana. However, Metallica plays in the fate of a role. Bullet For My Valentine lit on CD ‘Master Of Puppets’ – ‘Remastered’ among other well-known teams. After the first Michael Paget album falls into the list of the hundred best guitarists of the magazine ‘Metal Hammer’ was voted the readers. In the single Apocalyptica – ‘Repressed’ singer attended Bullet For My Valentine Matt So together with Max Cavalera from Soulfly. In 2006, the boys opened the performance of their idols Metallica.

Bullet For My Valentine and Emo Lovers define Bullet For My Valentine as “a fine blend of metalcore, with its heavy metal riffs in the spirit of Iron Maiden, and heavy hardcore filling, as well as emo, with its dark romanticism and sentimental vocals.” Well, do Bullet For My Valentine talk about their works this way: ‘Old skulnaya music meets contemporary tunes. ” Something again, not a word about emo … The Used The Used – came from the U.S. state of Utah. The path to glory was not an easy one: sometimes the guys had nothing to eat, nowhere to perform, and the first concert failed – the local religious people just do not understand the revolutionary aspirations of The Used. Nevertheless, they managed to escape from their sleepy town, and soon the self-titled album ‘The Used’ sold a huge circulation and was certified platinum.