Wine-growing In Germany

The wine in the Federal Republic of Germany is becoming increasingly popular German wines are a German brand that is exported to a fifth in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and America (United States). The 2 major regions Rheinhessen and Pfalz in the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate create a share from more than two-thirds of the acreage for German wine and are consequently by far the largest wine-growing area in Germany. No other German State can also just virtually present a growing area of more than 50,000 hectares. The cultivation of wine is extremely successful in Germany. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions it has been discovered opportunities successfully to create wine at the umpteenth 50 latitude? So close on 50 umpteenth latitude, which was not always granted.Thanks to the Romans, which is today cannot be ruled out. The solution to the problem is the correct slope. Maturation of the grapes, very much sun exposure is necessary. To achieve this sunlight, the slope must be aligned to the South or West.

So you get Grapes enough to reach sunlight to the necessary maturity. On the slopes, the vineyard is warmed up on the day of the Sun. The stored heat is released at night, so that the grapes receive plenty of Sun and heat. The effects of ground frost must be avoided as long as possible. When it gets colder in autumn, the slope is crucial. Alone is stored by the heat in the soil to produce the maturity time in Germany sufficient to good wine.

Good slopes are often to track down rivers such as the Mosel and Rhine rivers. The soil is crucial for whether white or red wine is grown. Red wine or white wine is not a question, in Germany since 80% of all wines produced in Germany are white wines. Germany is a white wine country, but the demand for red wine is increasing and growing consistently for a long time. The ca. 140 varieties that are grown in Germany, is so far 100 varieties that are cultivated for white wine vinification method. For the production of red wine are about 35 vineyards in Germany built. Red wine has arrived in Germany. The acreage has doubled and the condition is rising constantly.