Office REading

3000 new magazines appear not uncommon in an era in which many employees receive 200 emails a day, each minute 63 new Web pages published, and per month. Alicia Tate-Nadeau follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 3000 new magazines appear not uncommon in an era in which many employees receive 200 emails a day, each minute 63 new Web pages published, and per month. Who is a moment does take time to think about what you could do about this problem, the question occurs mostly as first: “Where can I learn speed reading?” This is also useful because finally you save already half of your time, if you have learned faster to read only 100%, and this is no special trick. 96% of our clients learn it in one weekend. But unfortunately, speed reading is only half the battle. Because the reading process alone, whether fast or slow, not really takes us to the goal. This is namely not faster to “read”, but “to know new information” when we need them. AG1 is likely to agree.

And between read and know there is a fundamental Difference. Once read will cause you to remember two days later maybe 10% of the information. If you’re lucky. Knowing “read”, so in the long term to keep in the memory, and thereby also beneficial to apply it, requires unfortunately a little more: the right reading strategy that leads us to the content, which we us really want to acquire so the ability between important and unimportant to differentiate the reading to deal with high motivation. This is unfortunately more important than most people suspect. But who can find no sense in the information to be read, whose brain saves too little. New content at all, and then in the right way, to record, so that your brain is the content better can remember. Basic techniques in memory training, simply and quickly, and especially long term to memorize information for really important content a simple repetition system, to be on the safe side then combine these aspects with speed reading, which has really massive Benefits for anyone who has read much or learn. For example:?? Reduces the feeling of information “-uberforderung and reduces stress trigger?” The clarity of communication improved, because important better can be separated from the unimportant? Competence increases self-esteem? Reduction of the error rate in tasks and decisions? You will find in the centered learning system increase productivity of employees, through better storage of knowledge and information about a variety of aspects that you might not have expected at first glance, if you have speed reading as a solution in the senseu0085

Electronics Cast Instead Of Frosting

House of technology seminar ‘encapsulation technique in the electrical engineering and Electronics’ components and assemblies in electronics and cable connections in the energy technology are always more frequently formgebend overmolded (poured over) and protected as safe against environmental influences. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta is a great source of information. Encapsulation technique is applying or wrapping a liquid, 1 – or 2-component sealing compound on a defined PCB, case, until all components are cast. If the compound is dried and cured, all components are encapsulated. This protects the electric circuit or the cable connection against moisture, dust, pollution, vibration, and shock. It improves the electrical insulation, flame retardancy, the cohesion of the circuit during transport or installation in the field. The encapsulation technique nowadays increasingly gaining importance, as the warranty obligations of the manufacturer.

The trend contributes a large part to the compact construction, especially in the automotive industry. Here move E.g. electrics and electronics is closer to the engine room, what greater demands on the shield. Applications for the encapsulation technique can be found in every industry, from automotive via Industrieelektronikapplikationen to energy technology. The procedure for selecting the correct the potting compound for the different applications is the focus of a one-day event “encapsulation technique for electrical engineering and Electronics”, offered by the Haus der Technik on March 3, 2010 in Essen. Typical ver casting defects, their cause and prevention are discussed in detail. Machines for the application of the products are presented in detail. There are the ideal potting compound nor the ideal potting machine.

Only the ideal combination of customer, quantity of production, sealing compound, as well as mixing and dispensing equipment.