Mama Scrubs

You have to read to me! And you have to give me the book! It’s mine!” I speak unclearly, because I started to cry. I have nothing, Lena Maria! And only brave children get gifts. You were not good, so I take off again the gift.” She can’t do that. They can’t do that. It’s so unfair! I run on MOM to Maxi, who wildly sucking on his thumb, and beat up on them. I’m getting her on the stomach, over and over again and while I scream: this is my book, give it to me. Gimme back my book!” I scream quite loudly and crying about. Mama tried to hold my hands.

You stupid MOM, Gimme…” Further, I can’t get because Mama Scrubs one me. My cheek Burns and I hate them. Because she grabbed my hands, I kick it with the Fussen.Einen moment I get air before I screamed even louder, because I hear that even Maxi roars back. MOM grabs me by the hands and drag me into the nursery, although I defend myself against it. You pushes me to the ground.

Off to bed with you! I no longer want you.” I want to get my book in the living room by her, but she pulls me on the arm back. Very quietly and very evil she says: In the bed! If I see you again today, I suggest you brainless.” I stop and the tears run down my face. I see how to Maxi mum wants to reach. But Maxi her skin on the hand. Nasty MOM!” He turns around and runs to me. Mama looks momentarily dumbfounded. Then she nods. “Okay, then she’s just both without dinner in bed.” She throws the door with a bang and we’re alone. Maxi puts his arms around me. I sit on the floor and pull him down with.


Nodesenvolvimento, has the climax, which goes to give continuation to conflitogerado for the rivalry enters the good and the evil. The solution if of the one in the dafantstico plan with the intervention of the magic, when the life of the personages comes back ordem in the outcome of the narrative and all follow ' ' happy forever ' '. In this moment, has a return to the reality, showing that the fancy has efficient suasfunes in the universe of infantile literature, but that not if viverneste world can forever. In this type of narrative, the magic, the hero and the beings mgicosso of utmost importance. The personages are represented by hero, antagonist, fairy, magical object, heroine in accordance with the function of each personage. He is valid to add interesting factors to the plot of the narrativasfantsticas, such as: removal, prohibition, trespass, magical reception doobjeto, departure, provao of the heroes, marks, reaction of the hero, displacement in the space, recognition of the hero, transfigurao, recognition, outcome.

All the human conflicts are decided through dafantasia and forever ' ' happy forever ' ' she is positive maneiradivertida and to transmit for the children an optimistical vision domundo, showing to problems the confrontation and its solution and, still, to permitemparticiparem of the adventures, to formulate its questions and to search its answers. The function of ' ' It was a time, in a muitodistante kingdom ' ' it is exactly to locate history it are of the time and the localization, in a supernatural world. The time and the duration of the events not socontados for there and perhaps, therefore, are not charged faithful probability doscontos wonderful. In a place where everything happens suddenly, the time and olugar are only mere scenes of a fantastic lived history pelospersonagens. The dimension of the fantastic world loads in its narrative significant and very contradictory umsimbolismo: pain and the love, the fear and afelicidade, the life and the death.

Social Inequalities

The realism, having as characteristic main the objetividade presented as main focus the rationality and the objective vision. Baslio cousin, of Ea de Queirs, pioneer of the Portuguese Realism, establishes critical to the bourgeoisie lisboeta in century XIX, having as white main the family and the adultery one. He justifies the presence of critical constant marks of this literary chain by means of social, as well as, has detached excused to the idleness of the bourgeois woman of century XIX. Using Juliana and Luisa as representative of social inaqualities, Queirs, make use of these personages to corroborate its style in Baslio cousin in which it detaches the aversion of the most supplied the inferior and subordinate classrooms on. Click Professor Roy Taylor to learn more. The Juliana servant, representative of the people, the employees and the restrained ones, recognized the suaexplorao and submission, however, longed for to revert this situation, reaching a place operating notable and in the society. It served, had twenty years. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dean Ornish M.D. As it said, she moved of amos, but she did not move of luck.

Twenty years to sleep in cacifos to arise, it of dawn, to eat the remaining portions, to dress rags old, to suffer to the repeles from the children and the bad words Mrs., to make oustings, to go for the hospital when it came the illness, to esfalfar itself when the health came back! It was excessively! It had days now where to only see the bucket of dirty waters and the iron to gum if it wrapped up it the stomach. One never gets used to serve. Since rapariga its ambition is to have a negociozito, a tobacco shop, a pedlar’s wares or capelista store, to make use, to govern, To the hell! or me of the six hundred a thousand-kings, or so certain as I to be here, its husband have to read the letters! ‘ ‘ (p.268).