State Trojan

Interior Minister Friedrich on the State Trojan, control is an illusion. As one of the fundamental findings of psychoanalysis in few words could be summarized. Who – owns experiences too far on this side of complex “State Trojans” – with the digital world of the programs and the Internet, will believe this sentence anyway, not to mention from the sphere of politics. This knowledge could use in the debate about the use of the so-called “State Trojans” – the foreign computer – spying programs especially their protagonist: Interior Minister Friedrich. The gentle said simple robust manner in which Frederick since the beginning of his still brief tenure verbally tries to simplify the world themselves, and us, missed on the subject of online monitoring via State Trojan again the heart of the matter. To one because it goes so often the Minister of the Interior also mantra may repeat it, in the State Trojan debate not: the fundamental requirement of an online law enforcement. State Trojan in the rule of law if crime, serious especially in the network or with its assistance planned, executed or veiled, must, if it takes itself seriously, they have also the right place virtual place or are seeking to prevent, such as in the non-virtual reality. Get more background information with materials from Samuel Lesser Upenn. And whether State Trojan, person shading or Telephonuberwachung come to the application; the State is bound qua Constitution at all on the right.

Who wants to fundamentally protest online monitoring, must ask the system, including it’s not. Something very different is to lay a fundamental scepticism towards the monitoring software as well as against those who apply it over the digital monitoring methods such as the State Trojan. Poorly programmed and illegal the “chaos computer club” (CCC), which has brought the renewed debate about the State Trojan in the role, has shown two things clearly in his analysis of the software: a software far more surveillance activities in the situation is, as the law allows.

Our Diversity Is Our Wealth

Migrants are essential part of the local economy of the Turkish Austrian business consultant Dan c commented on the current debate on integration from an economic perspective in the ZIB24: our diversity is our wealth. “The entrepreneurs with a migrant background are any young adventurer: almost every second migrant background is already older than 45 years.” You are no newcomers; about three-quarters of them already for more than 15 years living in Austria. And they are resistant to: every second company of migrant background exists already more than five years, so c. Companies are not only lone immigrant, but create jobs: two-thirds of migrant enterprises employees. And they play an important role in corporate succession: every third entrepreneur of migrant background has taken over an existing company to continue or is involved, so c. C c is consultant, Book author, intercultural trainer and ship’s captain. Although he is no longer for but more often as a cultural bridge between Germany, on the seas, Austria and Turkey on the road.

In 1988, after studying at the College for maritime trade and shipping in Istanbul, he came to Austria. Due to lack of seas, the native Turk spent long years as a leader in the Austrian banking industry. In 2003, he founded the Austrian Turkish consulting firm c & NETWORK. “” As an expert in intercultural competence “as well as migration and integration” he advises public entities and private companies. He keeps intercultural seminars, coaches expats, accompanied executives and advises international companies on their business in Turkey”. He commutes between Frankfurt, Vienna and Istanbul. C & NETWORK is an Austrian Turkish consultancy and acts as a cultural bridge of economic, the wealth the diversity makes it usable.

The Big Mac

The study by the Economist, collected the price for a big Mac in different countries in the domestic currency and be made comparable to the currently prevailing US dollar exchange rate conversion. The Big Mac could also play through the strategies of McDonald’s, to use ingredients from the environment and to attract renowned brand manufacturers as suppliers, the domestic purchasing power of an economy. The Big Mac index is only a very rough indicator to estimate purchasing power parities. Source: by…; Author B. gross national happiness, satisfaction and quality of life and gross national product. These are two sides of the same coin. Soft facts (80%) result in hard facts (20%) as you know.

The pure accounting numbers view of our society is the wrong primary way! The nature contemplation of the Scholastics of figures was one of two ways. Such as not simply can beauty with the formula of the ‘ golden section ‘ (sectio aurea, Pro cervical Divina) describe. He referred to the Division ratio of a range or different size, where the ratio of the whole to its larger part (called also major) is the ratio of the larger to the smaller portion (the minor). Expressed as a formula applies: a: b = (a + b): 61.8% a = a, b = 38.2% who has seriously tried to describe the beauty of a rose. Beauty is anyway in the eye of every beholder. Also, when accountants. Neither one can handle hospitals and old people’s homes like Henry Ford’s chord line.

1 minute hair care level 1 is sick of politicians and controllers brains! We must use the existing money just more useful and functional. Expenditure for people (are not machines) future investments, no cost! But that doesn’t work with titled Kameralistischer State accounting. Gross national happiness the King of Bhutan Buddhism 1972 expressed the opinion, that the mere Analysis of the economy and the gross national product hard facts, quantity, what? says little about the welfare of the inhabitants of the State.