I do not want to be egoistic, but we go to speak of me, or better, it is looked in the mirror and it thinks on you yourselves. Terry Pratchett usually is spot on. It is looked at and it seen the person wonderful who you are. It is not really egoism, calls respect, autoconfiana, proper love. For that already it was past, for the piece millions that mine and its heart if had broken many times. It perceives that to each action it generates a reaction.

When respect is donated, receives love. When indifference is donated generates disdain. When illusion is created if it gains disappointment. I believe truily that never if it must create a great expectation in a relationship. The things must appear to devagar, compassadamente.

To create illusions takes precipitated you what all the people call loving disillusionment. does not advance you for the guilt in the men, the women, the friends, the family, the master or its brother and sister. The guilt of the disillusionment is only its, why it was left to involve demasiadamente and precipitadamente in a passion in few days. It uses to advantage what we assign of inesquecveis moments. At these moments you dedicate yourself to receive love, affection, abraos, attention to say to the things more funny insane people and who can exist. Why, however, one does not know what she will happen in tomorrow, another person can not look at more pra you. If you to wait a phone call and not to bind, even so you you know to you that she had possibility of this to happen, you give up, and she does not think more, she believes, you will not have future in this relation. If he looks at, he thinks about you, he sees each moment of its most beautiful life as, since the form as its friends laugh at you, until the form as the things fall in the soil. He always smiles and he says: ' ' I? I do not have nothing to see with this! ' '. It looks at for the first thing that will be in its front now and sees what it has of funny: You are with the hand supported in the chin! You are eating! She is in house and its mother complaining with you! You are in the work and its head taking off you the patience or supporting in what she makes! Therefore he is, you it can it is making any thing, it smiles and it thinks that if the life is full of problems, then laughs at its problems, after all means that you are alive. Then you leave to suffer for a mere loving illusion, and go to be happy, think more about you, of all the forms you are pretty or pretty, she believes you you are much more of what she can imagine.

December Environment

Authorities. Same Sso? Of Passo Fundo for the World. Until when great or the ones that if find great speculators they will make of the peace of the others its space for extension of the hell? The State Foundation of Ambient Protection Enrique Roessler* Luis – FEPAM, is the responsible institution for the ambient licensing ** in the Rio Grande Do Sul. Since 1999, the FEPAM is tied with the State Secretariat of Environment – SEMA. Instituted for implanted Law 9,077 of 4 of June of 1990 and in 4 of December of 1991, the FEPAM has its origins in the Coordenadoria of the Control of the Ecological Balance of the Rio Grande Do Sul (servant in the decade of 70) and in the old Department of Environment – DMA – of the Secretariat of Health and Environment (today, State Secretariat of the Health). He is one of the executive agencies of the State System of Ambient Protection (SISEPRA, Law 10,330 of 27/12/94), that from 1999 it passed to be co-ordinated by the SEMA (Law 11,362 of 29/07/99).

The SISEPRA foresees the action integrated of the agencies ambient of the State in joint with the work of the Cities. In the Rio Grande Do Sul, the Cities are responsible for the ambient licensing of the activities of local impact (State Code of Environment, Law 11520/00). The definition of these activities and the regramento of the process of decentralization of the licensing were established by the State Advice of Environment (CONSEMA). From these references it is possible to dictate the rules of the law against the contravention! Or this is not to our reach? I believe that the authorities still order in this called land piece Passo Fundo. Then a tip of plus an irregularity of the thick ones goes there in what it refers to the preservation of the environment.