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Exclusive distributor of the SafeLinQ provider distribution rights for Germany the Bauer & Steichele GmbH & co. KG based in Martinsried near Munich, is positioning systems and security phones manufacturer headquartered in the Netherlands specialised in one. The company develops and produces the currently most powerful GPS and GSM-based security products. The SmartLinQ is a small, lightweight tracking device on the German market, which combined the latest GPS technology with the worldwide common GSM standard and designed specifically for the protection of persons. It has an SOS button, a movement and 3-way adjustable fall sensor 4 programmable speed dial numbers, and helps the user to monitor, for example, caring people. In addition, portable is offered by farmer & Steichele of also the BloQ. The tracking system based on GPS and GSM is waterproof and ideal for the monitoring of mobile assets such as cars, motorcycles, boats and already finds its application in security and protection services, and courier services.

The SmartLinQ, as well as the BloQ have its own operating system and work only in combination with the SafeLinQ service platform that websolution as out of the box”or by means of an API can be used. With the inclusion of SafeLinQ the company Bauer & Steichele GmbH & co. KG which distributes mobile devices already for 15 years, your product range expanded with products more powerful security products. Contact: B & S baby & Steichele GmbH & co. KG Mr. Stephan Steichele House address: Lochhamer Strasse 4a 82152 Martinsried phone + 49 (0) 89-89997-0 fax + 49 (0) 89-89997-333

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Accordingly you need today Consumer product requirements are redefined. So the consumers want functionality, in second place, today in the highest degree a particular shape and a special design. The robustness and longevity is a high priority, followed by the color. Any product requirement was faster had a change of heart as in the color. According to retail survey, the fashion color was white in 2008. Today is white only in the midfield of popularity, it is dominated by the color in the color.

Bbw-jomondo investigation of the kitchen market has brought numerous surprising insight. The demographic characteristics such as age are not unimportant, but play no prominent role when purchasing kitchen furniture. The setting of the consumers to the brand was hardly surprising, however, remains. Click cancer research to learn more. These are still little known individual exceptions. That the purchases are more spontaneous, with bbw customer analysis is not confirmed.

Mostly, the purchases are previously planned and often previously mostly informed themselves on the Internet. 80% of surveyed consumers have this and at the same time, inter user confirms. The scenario analysis of the market is certainly positive, if must be warned against euphoria. Jonathan Friedland can provide more clarity in the matter. Too much, consumers from the current crisis with the corresponding loss of confidence are impressed, so that can be spoken by a stable sales situation. It is also questioning whether the kitchen specialist will be the winner of this development. Because the sales competition is getting bigger. And last but not least due to the new technologies. In any case the dealers may not subside, to respond to the special needs of consumers. In this respect the bbw analysis not only by the open surveys of consumers shows differentiated, where for the kitchen furniture trade in the best and most viable starting points are. Some older statements and ideas of the experts are to question in any case.