Wardowcom Celebrates

“Liebeskind Berlin, Campomaggi, Coccinelle & co. Wustermark/Berlin, October 2013 – wardow.com – simple, fast, intuitive”, Danny Wardow, Managing Director of Germany’s leading Onlineshop for premium describes the objectives to the relaunch of bags, luggage and accessories. With the life circuit of the completely redesigned shops, four weeks of action with many attractive special offers on top brands and great Gratisbeilagen start on October 14. Highlights of the four weeks are a limited edition from Campomaggi and ABRO were designed exclusively for wardow.com. In addition to the stock conversion in the first quarter, the relaunch is another major project of WARDOW GmbH, which was successfully completed this year. The launch of the new shop is preceded by a one-year design, as well as five-month development phase. A new design, many smart features, as well as a significantly reduced surface, providing a simple and intuitive operability and greater clarity now await the visitor.

Also full-screen zoom and quick view provide an optimized Product appearance, which is intended to facilitate the buying decision. With the new Favorites feature, users can mark their favorite products with a heart and show their friends such as the latest MCM bag, or create a wish list for Christmas. Frequent customer, wardow.com with the relaunch introduces the invoice. WARDOW GmbH attached particular importance to an improved search and filter function. It was only possible to browse individual categories, the user he can browse now targeted the entire shop with over 6 000 articles after his favorite bag.

Four weeks, eight top brands and many attractive offers – re launch party at wardow.com at the start of four weeks of action customers get trendy purses or mobile sleeves by Liebeskind Berlin in colour of your choice free to orders of the brand. A very special highlight to the relaunch is the exclusive Wardow bag”from Campomaggi. The best-selling model with a red print in the corporate design is in an edition of 100 pieces available exclusively at wardow.com. A limited edition bag model enjoy all lovers of ABRO. The German premium brand developed one with their high-quality and stylish bags for wardow.com exclusive bag series in different materials. Rounded are the action weeks with attractive gifts, such as practical culture bags and trendy bracelets Aigner, Porsche design, Golden head, Coccinelle and BRIC’s. Learn more about the company at and upon request.


To the Among other things also the food and nutrition, which quite clearly was able to improve his result is one of sectors which could most effectively use their online advertising in the second quarter. This time’s did not click above all the click-through rate in the second quarter of 2010 less failed than to the beginning of the year. Only the areas of services, entertainment and media, drinks as well as telecommunications and Internet recorded above-average click-through rates. Particularly poor value for the sector is energy. 0.35 (median 1.00) he was ranked last again. Dean Ornish M.D has many thoughts on the issue. “In addition to negligence in the design and placement of advertising material here, too, the mood of consumers in the face of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will cause”, so Jan Winkler.

“The extremely poor performance is not difficult to explain.” The effective CPM’s were the sectors of food/nutrition, education/art/culture and traffic in the first quarter with little budget comparatively high ranges can achieve, not quite succeeded in the following quarter. The most efficient areas baby/children and health/medicines reached the individual users. With the relatively lowest eTKP (effective thousands of contact price) she got the nose forward. The investments in the field of entertainment/media were particularly high and how likely was in the energy sector. “A clear indication of shortcomings in the selection of the advertising channel and missing optimization by targeting and frequency capping”, judge Jan Winkler. Trading and shipping recommendations heed their online advertising efficiency within three months almost doubled during trading and shipping, achieved the energy sector only little more than a quarter of its output value of the first quarter. But also other sectors of the economy have catching up to do in terms of efficiency of advertising on the Web. So the area giving away the advantage of the best compared click-through rate by expensive ad space entertainment/media.

Exactly to the contrary, it behaves in the baby/children’s area: “more care in the placement and” Design of advertising materials could gild”the good eTKP with good click-through rates, Jan Winkler outlines the path to greater efficiency of advertising on the Web. The second ranking of the AdEfficiency can be downloaded at presse.0.html. The index for the online advertising efficiency is further quarterly published. Image material is like made available on request. A specimen copy requested. Economic areas correspond to the market system by Nielsen Media Research.

Flash Player VISh4 With New Community Features

Interactive Flash Player VISh4 with advanced social media and community features WINDACH, 16.08.2010 – social bookmarks increasingly replacing the tried and true favorites. Users can add their own bookmarks, delete, evaluate, comment on, or with categories or keywords. As a result, one has the opportunity to discover new pages and videos of course his pages and video clips show many other people and to make them accessible. Following this trend, the MediPlayer VISh4 complements its functionality to two other community add-ons – share and GetURL. Share provides the user the ability to send a video directly as a player function via DirectLink any social media network.

“There the link of the video is stored in Twitter, facebook, google, Yahoo, oneview, etc. mrwong, DelIcioUs, in his profile and can be able split” are. The special feature of this add-on is to integrate the possibility through the supplied configure script all available social media networks. GetURL allows the User the link of the viewed videos directly to the Clipboard to copy, to use it again later. “Completes this Web Player are Add-Ons to Send2Friend function, which allows distinguished contribution, or the whole playlist a friend” to recommend. The video clip for these functions: Win-win situation for operators and visitors. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jonathan Friedland. The website operator benefits from linking the videos in various social bookmarking services, inter alia through an increased range, a higher degree of popularity and higher link popularity of the back.

There are the visitors the opportunity to discard the provided video clips with just a click on your favorite social bookmark service easily bookmarked and to share it with friends. The objective of VISh4 is an interactive Web Player”available to, which meets the needs of the website operator and its visitors without in-depth IT skills and the need for extensions. VISh4 Basic is available for free download at. In addition, the commercial versions VISh4 Pro, VISh4 enterprise and the VISh4 tourism industry solution are available. You provide more interactive features from the fields of design, advertising industry, communities, editorial and back-office. VISh4: VISh4 is a dedicated, young software company with the focus moving to online media. Maxim is to implement customized solutions that provide high added value for the company, as well as for your viewers. This mission will be supported and surveys with regard to new technologies by market trends. “Survey results: VISh4 is on the right track, because: moving images create emotion, interest, polarize and increase the attention”. “The actions of VISh4 is characterized by the motto: A film says more than a thousand words”. VISh4 develops and markets software systems and SaS solutions in this environment.

Spain Internet

In the TV channels consecutive run thousands of videos in screen size. This is unique, as EBIZZ TV integrates also latest top blockbuster free for downloading, as well as for sending E-Mail. Veoh media sizes such as time behind Warner and Walt Disney Ex-CEO Michael Eisner and others. In addition to Classic Internet and TV advertising, sponsorship of channels target groups and the creation of our own brand channel focus are available. EBIZZ TV has more than 500’s own Internet TV – channels with brands such as SONY, ELLE, TV GUIDE, NBC, MTV, FORD MODELS, and many others. The marketing in the German-speaking and Benelux took over MK4 MEDIA.

About the EIAA Mediascope Europe 2007 “with more than 7,000 respondents Internet users throughout Europe the EIAA Mediascope Europe is one of the most comprehensive surveys, which examines Internet habits of consumers. The study was conducted by the market research institutes, SPA and Synovate. In the survey were with 1,000 people in Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Scandinavia as well as 500 people in Belgium and the Netherlands computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) random selection. The interviews took place in September 2007. About the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) the European Interactive Advertising Association (www.eiaa.net) is the industry body of pan European online marketer. The main goal of the EIAA is to promote the development of the European online advertising market and continues to drive this, promoting the importance of the medium is Internet and appreciation for online advertising. mk4media michaela krcho pharmacist courtyard 2 60594 frankfurt t: + 49 (0) 69 367 08 067 f: + 49 (0) 69 367 08 068 m: + 49 (0) 162 26 88 778 e: Web: RCD AG central general global media Ltd 95 Wilton road, Suite 3, London, SWIVIBZ United Kingdom contact: Sharon Renu – Media Director, phone: 01805/785728 E-Mail: Web:


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Optivel AG Launches Tariffs Comparison Portal Mycheck.de

New of the the optivel AG optivel AG in October on mycheck.de a comparison portal launched, that free and neutral helps to save the best rates in the areas of finance and insurance, to find electricity/gas and Internet/mobile and thus saves you money. Through the opening of the classic consumer markets for electricity and gas, more and more providers on the market pushing in this area. But also for insurance, mobile phone and DSL tariffs or loans will be more complex, so that it seems almost impossible for consumers to obtain an overview of the current market situation. The optivel AG has a new comparison portal so now launched, offering concrete help consumers to find the tariff best for you. The start page offers an overview of the available product groups. Then more detailed information, such as on electricity prices or insurance, can retrieve via the respective category. The news section also informed about news and updates or Offers of the respective sectors.

The highlight of the new portal is the check plan\”- a form that users can submit their data and wishes to mycheck.de. Then you will receive by email individual recommendations, which insurance companies are really necessary and which are not. Many people pay money for insurance companies, which are not necessary. With the check plan, we want to help our users save this money. At the present time, this is a major concern for us. People in Germany are getting poorer and everyone is happy, he can save\”, explains Alexander Kretzschmar, Managing Director of optivel AG, the idea behind it.

Another highlight of the portal is the tool your questions\”. In this way, user can submit their questions on issues directly at mycheck.de. Other users can read these questions and corresponding answers click on the portal. mycheck.de is not a typical comparison portal, as there are many on the Internet.