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A virtual tour of the inside of a gym to bring passers-by in fitness whim the gym group and the mood Media Corporation (TSX: MM / LSE AIM: MM) have a very imaginative concept created together. A concept that consists of a virtual tour of the elegant interior of the gym group fitness operations. It should attract passers-by and thus bring into fitness whim without that they only have to enter it. The people who pass one of the nationwide 12 studios by the gym group, can undertake an own virtual tour of the Studio, whose Pforten 24 hours are open on the day. Dean Ornish M.D spoke with conviction. For this you must not overcome the inner pig dog, occur over a threshold.

The outdoor screens that installed mood Media UK, a leading specialist in-store media, street level are the reason. Currently, the outdoor screens for each Studio of the fitness chain be installed. Day and night they are passers-by with a video tour of the amenities which convince fitness Temple and then Check the conditions for membership. The installation of the outdoor screens is an extension of the already existing system of five screens in every Studio, a television channel with specially selected content provided by mood Media UK running, carefully tailored to the needs of the sports. On each screen, hip, energetic music videos and commercials that fit exactly to the demographic profile of the members at the gym group can be seen. This system is rounded off by audio solutions in all areas. “Vanessa Walmsley, SVP of mood Media Europe, explains: the gym group wanted, that we help to attract potential customers who would like to go to the sports in the gym and may but never found the courage, sometimes really to come in.” our specific music channel, our informative Visual support material and the customised personal tour are there more on tours to bring the members during the workout.

Has never been Fitness is so inspiring. Never exercise has been so much fun.” Mood Media UK offers audio solutions, Visual solutions and fragrance systems for retailers, fitness studios and the hospitality industry, which increase the reputation of their brand and move customers to the return. The mood Media Corporation is a leading specialist for in-store promotion, customers with a combination of background music, audiovisual equipment, and fragrance marketing provides effective support for a targeted promotional communications at the point-of-purchase. For a considerable geographical territory, the mood Media Corporation offers comprehensive services in the area of in-store media and music retail and has an extensive customer base, which includes several multinational blue-chip companies include.

Hunting Or Cherish & Maintain?

Series: Loyal customers a valuable treasure (part 6/9) it should be actually the biggest entrepreneurial effort, to do everything to make expensive acquired customers loyal, always again customers and thus distribute the acquisition costs incurred on a long customer relationship period. But the entrepreneurial practice rarely supports this. So the Lion game is played like with every change in the marketing and sales leadership: bite just about dead, what comes from your predecessor. Manager must leave traces, it is so beautiful. Only the traces of blood shelved of the customer projects, destroyed brand continuity and dubious wars in new customer business that are often.

In all these cases, loyalty on the track remains. Everyone wants the longest bar faster, higher, further ‘ means a virus that is particularly liked nests in man minds. Impetuous conquests are needed. You should show results of 100 days. The media scream then still! Who wants that come with empty hands? So, Kurzfristdenke further stoked and knowingly future sacrificed. As long as it has the longest bar in his PowerPoints. But the slavish pursuit of more (sales, return on investment, market share) and the worry, Miss lead to nothing but a destructive arms race that is held on the brutally competitive sales front.

Such raids are mostly customers of the competition and the struggle they caused his own wounds. Because attacks on the customer pool of competitors succeed only with attractive bait: via price concessions and conditions haggling customers are buying the competition. It is a common mistake to believe you could win all the customers of competitors. Each company has finally totally loyal and thus almost migration resistant customers. To pry this gobbles up very many resources. So, profitable customers are neglected to chase unprofitable customers. The look is missing hunters back who always only at the forefront is working and all available weapons in the battle field throws, like forgetting the look back.