Educative Actions

Being the Papiloma Human Virus, an infection frequently transmitted by saw sexual, also originating one of the most prevalent between all sexually transmissible illnesses (NORONHA, 1999). For the close relation with malignant genital injuries and its precursors, from years 80 it was changedded into an expressive problem (TO SOUND, 2002). Pertaining to the Papovariviridae family, of small size, 55 mm of diameter, without envelope, with 72 capsmeros, in a capsdeo with icosahedral symmetry. It presents considerable tropismo for the fabric epithelial and mucous. Nowadays one hundred types are known, being more than that 1/3 are associates the genital infections transmitted sexually (HISSES, 2004). Being able to occur in different parts of the organism.

Some types of HPV can affect the hands, knees, and feet, others the face and still the genital treatment of assintomtica, subclnica or visible form as wart genital year (MORI, 2004). The different morphologic aspects and forms clinics of papilomas or condiloma, are characteristic and go of plantar and painful warts, papilomas pray and larngeos, condiloma acuminados plans and inverts. The preferential places of occurrence are displayed humid areas to the attrition during the coitus, that is, small lips and vestibule to vulvar in the woman; in the man it appears more comumente in glande, in the peniana connecting rod and the prepcio, meato and uretra can be acometidos in 5% of the cases (MORI, 2004). Sorotipos 6, 11, 42, and 44 are found in condiloma and the displasia of low degree, whereas types 16, 18, 31, 33, 35 and 39 are associates to the malignidade. Microscopy discloses coilocitose, cells with atypical nucleus envoltas for an empty socket, that if considers found patognomnico of infection for HPV (MELLER, HERING, 2002; FIGUEIRDO, 2003). According to ROMRO (2000), the HPV is responsible for forty percent of the sexually Transmissible Illnesses in the adolescence and presents high risk of malignizao for cancer of the col of the uterine one

The Knowledge

20) affirms that: ' ' While the person is adjusted to the norms, in the anonymity, it is socially accepted. It is enough, however, that comet any infraction or acquires any trace of abnormality so that she is denounced as desviante' '. On the other hand, History also testified, in the decade of 60, a great number of specialized institutions, the example of special schools, whitewashing, qualification centers, among others, that they had been created objectifying to protect the different ones, trying to reintegrate them it the society. The inclusion is a question of attitude that must start with the family, in house. Believing the potential of the child, therefore protective family does not believe inclusion. However she makes responsible the professors, however the school, that does not have resources or it does not offer security. (PEAR TREE, 2003, P.

64) the social inclusion can be understood as a process that cooperates to the construction of a new type of society through modifications, small great, in the environment and the mentality of all the people, mainly of the proper carrier of special necessities. The school, as a mediating institution in the construction of the knowledge, having as objective to take culture for a number each bigger time of people, takes for itself a gamma of very great responsibility. It is through the school that the society acquires, bases and modifies concepts of participation, contribution and adaptation. Although other institutions as family or church it has very important paper, is of the school the biggest parcel. (ANTOAN, 1997, p.13). One perceives thus, that the challenge of the education will be to work for an inclusive school, with quality of education, being perceived the importance of the basic education for all, as it guarantees the law. However, a justice is necessary that functions, a health that takes care of essentially to all and, one politics compromised to the citizen.