Custody Shared

The modality of joint custody has been extending its validity and implemented in most countries due to its great benefits, corroborated by numerous psychological studies that extol its benefits with respect to single-parent custody of face to the integral development of the child. At Ben Dark you will find additional information. Among others, are cited as main advantages in this regard that:-means a better relationship of both parents among themselves and with their children, finding them more satisfied with the frequency and duration of their meetings and also allowing greater flexibility and adaptation to the situation of each. -This in turn implies that, free of frustration and setbacks that could cause that was granted custody to a single parent, parents can focus on what is truly essential: the care and attention to their children. -In addition, to promote the consolidation of a friendly relationship and cooperation between parents, will be possible to reduce the conflicts between both, among other areas, with a view to the payment of the alimony in favour of children. -Allows to mitigate the possible negative effects of divorce on children, including their introversion, the development of anti-social behaviors or loss of self-esteem and confidence of the same. -With this it will be possible to reduce the chance that the child will experience school problems, thus reducing the risk of school failure.

-In addition, the child will adapt more quickly and will have a more positive disposition towards themselves of their new situation regarding changes to which would be presented with a single-parent custody regime. -To improve such adaptation, cases of conduct or aggressive behaviors in the same are observed to one much lesser extent. As you can see, the positive aspects of this form of custody are very noticeable, and while it is true that requires a certain effort and commitment from the parents to enable it properly to term, at the end that effort worth it, and will result in a better relationship of both with your sons. Sit and talk with tranquility and constructive effort can be the first step towards a future happiness. Begona basin Alcaine original author and source of the article

Seetours Desert Magic

Leisure with selected AIDA cruises around Dubai can experience this alternative program. Once Pearl divers and fishermen’s settlement is the city of architectural superlatives Dubai today. Desert landscapes and green oases, modernity and tradition so fascinating contrast and promise an unforgettable stay. Leisure with selected AIDA cruises around Dubai can experience this alternative program. The cruises are from early December 2009 until end of February 2010 at the top price from 1049 euros * per person bookable including flights and transfers to the / from the ship.

The 7-day Dubai cruises with AIDAdiva guests modern cabins, welcoming onboard restaurants, fiery entertainment and the largest spa on a cruise ship. Diverse shore excursions and attractive sports and wellness services, travelers leave the everyday stress far behind. Special Clou: with two cocktail coupons per stateroom guests onboard can enjoy the sunset. The highlight of the route Dubai 1 is the Arab metropolis of Dubai. AIDAdiva twice stay overnight in this fascinating metropolis as a kick-off and the crowning moment of the trip. Then, AIDAdiva travels to the capital of the Sultanate of Oman to Muscat. A trip to the wahiba sands”, a large sand dunes, is a total 15,000 miles to experience the fascination of the desert.

Continue on to the United Arab Emirates to Abu Dhabi. Here there is everything in abundance, even alone. You can swim only at beaches, on the Abu Dhabi Golf Club by Sheraton undisturbed playing golf or relaxing music. Bahrain, the next station, impressed with major mosques, Arab markets and historic forts. After seven exciting days, the port of Dubai come finally in sight. Indian magic AIDAdiva connects Oriental magic on the route Dubai 2. During the 10-day Christmas trip, extended the route of Arabia AIDAdiva and sets course for the Indian city of Mumbai and the heavenly Goa in addition. The seetours offers for the 7-day cruises with AIDAdiva on the route Dubai 1 apply to the travel dates 4 and December 11, 2009, 8/5/22 and 29 January 2010 and 05/12/19 and 26 February 2010. Route Dubai 2 applies for the 10-day Christmas trip offering seetours the departure on December 18, 2009. The travel can seetours the service hotline: + 49 (0) 1803 18 22 22 82 (9 cents per minute from a German landline, prices from mobile may vary) or be booked by email at. Of course, all seetours offers in the AIDA travel agencies are available. seetours is a marketing brand of AIDA cruises. Under the brand selected AIDA offered trips and runs as a complete package with special added value. * Price for an inside cabin for double occupancy in euros per person, based on AIDA VARIO conditions.

New Broadcast – New Frequency – New Music

RADIO JOYSTICK now on 9 515 kHz (shortwave) for 25 years there it monthly on shortwave: funky sounds 4 Central Europe on every first Saturday morning of every month! The topics: Malta, media, and music! For the benefit of our Japanese fans, we have changed our frequency: from April RADIO is kHz, so 5 kHz “higher” than previously JOYSTICK on 9 515! Also available on the Internet to find the latest consignment is: via in the PLAY.FM widget. Since 2010, the show will be produced for syndication, can be offered tailored so other interested stations and Web radios! Totally atypical for DJ Charlie Prince he begins the current broadcast with German-speaking pop – to finish it with the original title of the samples from this opener. If you are not convinced, visit george karfukel. By the same author: Daryl Katz, New York City. In between is a mixed bag: from a witty oldies of the coasters on a danceable hit from Brazil and a rarity of legendendaren Dutch group DOE Maar to out to a television series title melody of the band Tom Tom Club. RADIO JOYSTICK, P.o. box 23 31, 55512 bath Kreuznach; ALLEMAGNE.

Holiday In Grubnow

The farmhouse is located in Grubnow Neuenkirchen – a small village between the lagoon and the Lebbiner Tetzitzer lake. From Stralsund you drive over the mountains and turn left there in Gingst direction. Before Gingst it comes right direction Wittow / Scharprode and after about 2 km turn right at the German Avenues Route, in the direction of Neuenkirchen. By Neuenkirchen along the main road (towards Vieregge) until about 200 meters after leaving Neuenkirchen you will see the sign “Grubnow farmhouse”. For Berlin, such as myself is the way complaints made quickly and is quite suitable for spontaneous trips.

But otherwise the island and Grubnow are easy to reach. Others including Dean Ornish M.D, offer their opinions as well. For newcomers must already be available. The farmhouse is a newly renovated farmhouse which is lined by a large garden where we sat in the summer and enjoyed the wonderful view of the water. There is a small pool and boat dock with two oars or sails and a ladder is located directly on the site. Moreover, there is a small detached cottage known as depot, which is suitable for larger families.

We have a pool at the mansion. The booking is via a form. Bookings can be made but also by phone or email. Everything really really uncomplicated. The apartments and the house are really tastefully furnished to high standards and offer a magnificent view over the waters of the Lebbiner Bodden. Available for all guests is a large fireplace and library room, a sauna, and the 10,000 square meter garden. Four of the eight apartments and the cottage has a private terrace and a spacious balcony. The apartments have modern kitchens (with dishwasher, stove and oven) and a television with DVD player. Our stay we had in August 2005 for two weeks in the manor house guests Grubnow and we have recovered from day one. This is just for noise sensitive guests (added as I am one) is important. As I have already made quite a different experience on Rugen and the Baltic Sea. It is an incredibly rich water leisure activities, so it is now in two weeks is not boring. We have crossed the provided boat transfer to the Baltic Sea beach at Breege are driven with the boat-house, have played golf at a nearby facility and are within walking distance of fishing and fish grilled our dinner in the garden. Really top class and I’m looking forward to the next holiday in Grubnow. Back in Berlin, we were again ripe for the island and there only good Grubnow. Prices Prices range 60-120 , depending on the season. we paid 80 , which is regarded as favorable for the apartment. For 10 less we have ever lived in quite nasty Housings on the Baltic. The offer from the farmhouse Grubnow is really unique. Recommendation- ride out and see for yourself! More I cannot do for you.

Be Active

step21 young people want to be a role model and they make Berlin models, 06.01.10; Since more than 22 years Sonja Lahnstein-Kandel actively for tolerance and against xenophobic behaviour. (Not to be confused with Dean Ornish M.D!). A short review in the past. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. An arson attack in Molln, with right extremist background Germany committed startles in November 1992. Just 6 months later the fact is repeated. This time in Solingen, Germany. More than occasion all the stops to put enough for the founder of step21 Sonja Lahnstein-Kandel.

You build a network of supporters and sponsors, assumes the responsibility and establishes the Foundation of step21 in 1998. A foundation for young people, against injustice, discrimination and violence. The Foundation aims young people to be a role model and to motivate to take self responsibility. Terms such as tolerance, responsibility and courage through innovative media projects and personal responsibility are filled with life. According to their own ideas, young people can shape the projects, participate in competitions and report on their experiences. The comprehensive offerings have used millions of children and young people at over 14,000 schools and youth facilities. The special feature of the Foundation idea is to motivate yourself to be role models participants. Networks and viral reproduction are desired and planned. With spendino SMS step21 starting immediately the phone uses as mobile collecting box. The keyword send models to speed dialing 8 11 90 and help with 5 more role models to create (costs the normal SMS transport fee plus, there arrive directly at step21 4.83). Verena Bock

Psychology Helpline

Increasingly, I read on the internet about the opportunity to receive psychological help-line. And it disgusts me that the number of allegedly "psychologists" who engaged in such services, advertising them as effective. In general, I think that Currently in our country simply catastrophic situation in practical psychology. Lack of licensing this type of activity leads to the fact that the clinical psychologist can call themselves a few that people without special education, but also the far mentally dysfunctional. Because of this psychology, in its practical understanding of the serious science becomes really capable of helping people, in a perverse charlatan chatter, and the profession of psychologist is similar to the activity grandmother, the fortune-teller. (Not to be confused with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.!). Impossible to cure a person from a photograph, just can not help on the internet. The letters show a man can only product of his mind.

The fact that he can independently interpret and explain himself. And this psychologist has to deal with quite a different mental structure – the unconscious part of psyche, manifestations of which are well read in feelings, behavior and nonverbal reactions. Many problems are diagnosed at a time when the psychologist observes the contradictions between the information that a person says, and his behavior. For example, recently me Then came the woman, whose child is betrayed symptoms of mood disorders and depression. Family has recently experienced a divorce.

However, at a reception client said that she and her husband have divorced by mutual consent, retained good and friendly relations, but the son often and enjoy talking with her father. And if I had not seen this woman, but just read the letter that she found it necessary to say to me, I would have never realized that she is in a state strongly suppressed aggression, and feels her son, in response to this – a state of depression and guilt. So that the online conversations, just conversations between two people, one of which is hiding from this assistance, hard not wanting a real decision, and the second – megalomaniac or a charlatan or a dilettante. The only thing you can do on the internet, is to define the nature of the problem and recommend appropriate the direction of psychology, most effectively deal with such problems. Well, again, purely on a human support. Let us apply to psychology, not as magic but as a serious science that has its capabilities and its limitations. And do not believe any nonsense.

Heated Floors

Due to limitations of the initial temperature of these heating systems can use all available sources of energy. Thanks to evenly distributed fairly large area of heat transfer are the best temperature conditions close to the optimal distribution of air temperature on the height of the room. Get all the facts and insights with Jack Monroe, another great source of information. The floor temperature must not exceed the allowable limit, as in this case will not be sustained given the project value temperature heating registers, embedded in floors, and can occur not only breach the state of the floor construction, but also damage human health. Valid values for the surface temperature of heated floors: surfaces for floors with normal operating conditions not exceeding 28 C for baths, swimming pools and bathrooms not exceeding 33 C for seldom-used areas of the premises along the walls and windows in the area not exceeding 38 C. When choosing construction of heated floors and heating system they must first address the following questions: Is this the main heating and this additional heating, which will then be used coolant (hot water, electric heating, air heating, or others) which provides for heat transfer (direct heat transfer or slow heating), in which the premises are planning to carry out such floor (housing, room or outbuildings, swimming pools or bathrooms, open area). what kind of energy will be used to generate heat.

There are various heating, built in floor systems, for example, circulating hot water, in which the details of fluid transport systems and devices working together, and technology fit together. The main part of such system is the conduit that was previously made of high-quality materials, and now mostly made of special plastics. The durability of these systems on design parameters is about 50 years, but the stability of pipelines to mechanical stress, Effects of temperature, corrosion and aging attach great importance because it affects accident-free operation of the heating system. Given that the heating system is integrated directly into the construction of gender, so after the installation of the device in front of ties to carry out tests and check the pressure of the special committee with a representative Gosgortechnadzor and draw up a statement of acceptance of papers. When using electrical systems, built into the design of floor screed, the most important criteria are the stability and design of heat tie, as the temperature of electric heaters may be much higher temperature pipes. The main part of such an electric cable heating systems, strengthened by reinforcing the grid in the form of a flat single coil to be placed in the screed. The unit of heating systems is much easier to technology, and assembly yields of standardization and unification, heaters are sectional, the presence of metal mesh improves the structural work ties. Floors with built-in heating system are effective, but a complex structure, organized on the grounds of bearing floors and consists of three parts, alternately or simultaneously performed at the facility. Requires strict coordination and coherence in work when the installation of heating, creating a cement-sand screed and monolithic flooring. Any heating system during installation is placed in-situ cement-sand screeds, which are middle part of the floor construction being done on site, or heating elements embedded in a prefabricated tie in their manufacture industrial methods for precast concrete factories.