Mrs Erika Schumer

That little house in which only the lambs “can slip into it”, are is freely available to record standing force feed. There is some lamb hatches as in the Beehive, vermitzt from the Windows and others climbing fun on the House around and deals to the best stand in the Sun. There are several large hayracks where the lambs are pushing and mummeln with pleasure at the Hay, or but they are happy to have swindled a front row seat in the Hay in a Hay rack trough bottom in the pasture dugout. Is a group of goat fawns together in the straw, doze off and enjoy every ray of sunshine. Now, I’m the Manager of the company, Erika Schumer, who explained the philosophy of this goat farm, who practice it here for years. Official site: Tom Florio. “All our lambs remain with their mothers for 3 months. The nanny-goats and their lambs are here from morning to the milk until the evening on the pasture together.

After the grazing lambs come to the sleep in the “Lamb barn”, separated from their mothers, so we can milk the dairy goats alone the next morning, the goats are milked out but not completely. The lambs are then allowed the milk of their mothers of throughout the day claim until they come back in the evening in the stable. In winter, our goats have daily outdoor outlet. The Lamb as a precaution in the stables remain in severe cold weather. Each animal, even if it is perhaps once intended for slaughter, has a right to a good and kind of decent life in dignity.” In conversation with Mrs Erika Schumer, I notice the enthusiasm for the goats, the love and respect, here comes the animal contrary to. Then I will follow the other sightseeing, passed the “goat Willow”, 4 breeding goats of operation located on the.